MEAT AVENUE an initiative of ANGLO DANISH MEAT INTEGRATORS INC. [ ANDA MEIN ] re-defines the art of meat, poultry and seafood, consumption, through a trend setting concept of organised hygienic healthy fresh meat and seafood retailing lounges and parlors.

Borne from decades of handling mix-loads of meat, poultry, seafood and there variants. MEAT AVENUE realises and understands the customers continuous changing needs, orients and develops product lines in all categories objectively matching the right product to the right shopper. Matching the right product to the right shopper is the key ingredient of our relationship with every consumer, and this is derived with a million hours of face to face contact and understanding of the consumers eating trends, habits, belief, sentiments and palate.

MEAT AVENUE in its endeavor reaches out to a broad spectrum of customers both the casual as well as the connoisseur alike. For the convenience and selection comfort of our consumers, the products are discreetly branded, since we are one company that processes mixed loads of meat and seafood, second to none other processor.

Our product range is specially labeled and packaged for ease of differentiation between chicken, seafood, veal, gammon and value added delicatessen cold cuts. All our meats are slaughtered the HALAL process, and processed at separate facilities in protection of our customer's individual sentiments. Our Belief is family value based wherein we believe : “In A Health Conscious World, Eating Right Is A Way Of Life” Our commitment to enhancing your lifestyle with what you meat and eat has just endeavored consolidation.

The celebration of ‘OUR MEATY AFFAIR’ has just begun.