SHEPHERDS LAMB [ Indian LAMB Meat] and LAMB [ Australian and Somali sheep] is primarily Halal slaughtered as per Islamic rights. This rich meat is savoured as succulent, tender and flavorful, in a variety of dishes, viz : roasts stews, biryanis, korma, casseroles of shepherds pie, or just delicious as chargrilled boti and seekh kebabs. Matched by robust herbs or aromatic spices and served with piquant or zesty accompaniments, lamb features in most of the cuisines.

While SHEPHERDS LAMB is selected from grazing animals, usually from four months old upto one year. Our lamb is primarily a high-quality protein food. It is an excellent source of iron in a form that is readily absorbed by the body and it is also a good source of zinc.The meat available now is no longer so fatty, as it was in the past, farmers are rearing leaner animals that have an excellent flavor and is tenderly delicious.