MEAT AVENUE is a bonafide authorised user of registered brands, SPRINGFIELDS, SHEPHERDS, UNDERWATER, PEDROS, FIESTA, INDULGE, NYAMA CHOMA authorized and licensed through XANDBEE GOURMETS and COUNTY FARMS.

We advise all users of our website site to browse through the terms and conditions of the contents, services, products, and terms and conditions of purchasing, any and all products and services on the Meat Avenue platform, irrespective of the medium of access electronic and communication devices you engage to view, browse, assimilate, purchase from the MEAT AVENUE platform, thereby agreeing to be bound by the terms of product offerings, quantities, prices, categories etc. and are liable to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Through this agreement we understand that your use of our platform and access to our trade name MEAT AVENUE is governed by this agreement, which exclusively offers products for purchase in multiple categories represented and identified by registered trademarks and brands specific to each category of product profile differentiating the categories offered on this platform.

For the conditional offset of this agreement the ‘USER’ will mean any living person above the age of 18 years who uses the MEAT AVENUE platform or buys any product from the offerings made on-line on the MEAT AVENUE platform irrespective of the electronic systems, devices whether, wired or wireless using computers, systems or peripherals’, or other peripheral and accessories including and not limited to wireless mobile telephony, handsets, gadgets, devices and tabs.

Through this agreement of terms and conditions, which specifies and incorporates the code of business, the policies and guidelines of doing business with MEAT AVENUE. The terms and conditions of business incorporated in this agreement is abiding on both parties the ‘USER’ that is ‘YOU’ and MEAT AVENUE. Should there be any disagreement between the terms of this agreement and any challenge to the provisions of the policies and guidelines, the terms and conditions contained within this agreement shall be abiding and prevail on both contesting parties with context to the subject matter with no discretion and further consideration, the same being final and abiding on both parties.

MEAT AVENUE is the sole authority to the terms of this agreement preserving the ethics of their business and advancing the interests of the MEAT AVENUE platform. MEAT AVENUE being the sole authority to the terms and conditions of this agreement has the exclusive right of discretion and can amend this agreement, its terms and conditions, alter its pricing policies, services charges, add on taxes as may be from time to time, as well as withdraw the product offerings from the platform in protection of its performance and business interests, affected directly or indirectly by inherent market dynamics, prevailing conditions, favorable or un-favorable to its business interests.

MEAT AVENUE is not liable to inform you of amendments and revisions made to the terms and conditions of this agreement, as necessitated by its business platform, product portfolio or other forces that necessitate an amendment and all such amendments, updates will be effective and binding on the ‘USER’ with immediate effect irrespectively. Your continued access and use of this platform will automatically constitute that you accept the amendments, updates, revisions, and are in agreement to the amends of the agreement.

MEAT AVENUE appraises the ‘USER’ that should you differ from any of the terms and conditions, amends etc. of the agreement, and you disagree/do not agree with the agreement including the policies and guidelines of use of the platform and its services to kindly exit and terminate the use of the MEAT AVENUE platform its, products and services immediately with no prejudice. Your subsequent use of the platform post amends, revisions automatically qualifies that you are in agreement to the amends, revisions, changes in the terms and condition, as well as the redefined pricing and service oriented policies as deemed by MEAT AVENUE.


MEAT AVENUE is a professionally high profile product and services oriented organization, with customer centric values to offering products and services across consumer segments in select demographic clusters within currently in Pune.

Derived from our commitment to deliver competitive standards of products and services, we mandatorily ensure that we collect person identifiable information about our current and prospective customers with reference to name, residential address, age, creed, contact number, email id, so as to ensure that we constantly review our products and services, with objectively constantly improving them to serve you better from a long term perspective.


MEAT AVENUE the platform offers for sale from its own stores, processing units, and retailing hubs, exclusive fresh, chilled, frozen, processed, products as significantly displayed under each identified category on the platform thereby offering to the ‘USER’ an experience to source quality, freshness and a large variety of food products, on a single platform MEAT AVENUE. By accessing the MEAT AVENUE platform ‘THE ONLINE STORE’ and placing an order for the products of your choice by understanding the product showcased in the on-line store, it is relevantly considered that you agree to the terms set forth explicitly in this agreement.


MEAT AVENUE envisages developing its business with marketing programs and schemes to update, the customer of the latest, products, prices, and offers from the store. To further our relationship and serve the customer MEAT AVENUE will adapt to periodical marketing, through fliers, digital mailers, messages through best available media of communication so as to reach its customers and realize that by subscribing to our terms and conditions you are not averse to acceptance of such information. Should you differ and not subscribe to the marketing information, you may request MEAT AVENUE to un-scribe your listing from our database so that your preferences are registered.


We appreciate your patronization of MEAT AVENUE. To serve you from a long term perspective, it is essential that you have to register and login to place orders on MEAT AVENUE. After registration you may decide to shop becoming a member or as a non-member. You have to keep your account and registration details correct and up to date. This enables us to ensure you receive the attention your order and service must receive. If you relocate to a new premises it enables us monitor your patronization so as to continue our services where available.

Registration enables us to efficiently realize the kinds of products, cuts, and services in line with your consumption lifestyle, thereby ensuring optimization of our services and timely execution of your valued orders placed with MEAT AVENUE through the on-line platform.


Pricing and Rates of all our products and brands are variable driven and dictated by prevailing market conditions. Prices vary on a daily/weekly basis for some of the fresh product lines, in live with the prevailing market conditions eg: Chicken prices vary on a regular basis. We ensure that the benefit of lower prices are transferred to the customer, hence our prices are variable on Poultry and Seafood. Seafood availability and pricing is strictly season dependent, whilst we ensure quality in our seafood the prices vary.

MEAT AVENUE exercises all tools and efforts to ensure that the best pricing is awarded to the products, corresponding with the quality of the products and services we offer.

All the products listed on MEAT AVENUE in each brand and category, is being sold at prices mentioned on the on-line portal and vary on a daily basis unless otherwise specified. The prices and rates corresponding with the denoted weights and quantities are applicable on the date of delivery. As a policy we do not accept advance orders and operate to transact on a daily order placement, acceptance and service basis to ensure freshness of quality of products offered on our portal.

We do not accept deferred deliveries as a result of the nature of the products we offer and serve. Our products are freshly processed and cut to order, which is customization of the product, cuts, steaks, fillets etc for every order individually.

Since our services and products are customized to the customers order placement, we do not entertain a refund or a cancellation policy once the product is pre-paid for. All our orders on the portal are confirmed only on pre-paid advice received and confirmed by MEAT AVENUE.

We accept advance orders for only special categories of products, which are mentioned specifically on the respective categories by calling us on our customer care number : 08698427928.


A customer can cancel his pre-paid order within 30 minutes of the order confirmation subject to payment being made. Orders are confirmed only against payment confirmation. Orders cancelled within 30 minutes are honored by MEAT AVENUE by a credit note which can be utilized / used / en-cashed for the cancelled amount equivalent for a subsequent purchase on-line at MEAT AVENUE.

Should the customer desire not to encash the cancelled amount MEAT AVENUE will arrange to refund the amount after deduction of the administration, merchant banking charges as applicable at the time and date of cancellation a process which is only undertaken on a bi-monthly basis.

Orders once processed and ready for dispatch and delivery are not refundable, and the order will be delivered to the customer irrespectively ensuring the quality, freshness and packaging is apt to our business standards and your valued relation to MEAT AVENUE.

Confirmed and paid orders from the customers cannot be altered 30 minutes after confirmation or changed or substituted for another product category or cut since the order is already being processed and out for delivery within the specified time period.


Whilst we ensure strict quality standards and hygienic handling of all fresh produce under professional supervision and quality control is adhered to for every order processed and executed, prior to dispatch and delivery. Once the product leaves our premises there is very little control on the handling of the product since we deliver through 3rd party agencies despite a due diligence there can be mis-handling of the product.

All our products are professionally packed and labeled in permitted food grade packaging materials. We ensure all fresh meat and poultry products are vacuum packed and labeled before handover to the delivery chain. The products are chilled prior to delivery.

Our objective is to minimize any and all returns, replacements and refunds arising from poor quality of products. It is the responsibility of the customer to verify the contents of the order prior to accepting the product at door step delivery. Should the customer have any grievance to the quality of the product the customer must immediately notify the same at the time of receiving the delivery to affect a return and replacement of the product. Returns and replacements can be done only on rejection at the time of delivery. We do not accept any liability for the product, arising from the perishable nature of the product being high once the delivery is accepted by the customer arising from mishandling at the customer end.

All fresh products must be stored at a temperature of 4C. All frozen products must be immediately refrigerated unless being used immediately eg : cold cuts, hams, bacon, sausages etc. Fish and seafood must be kept in the chiller tray if you are going to use it later. Do not freeze fish and then defrost it since it loses its flavor and texture.

Should there be a return or replacement requested for, the customer must ensure that the original packaging and label is intact with the product and the product must be stored at a minimum temperature of 4C until the replacement and return is effected.

MEAT AVENUE will ensure that the replacement is done on a priority basis on genuine cases of poor quality of product where a request for return and replacement is made within 30 minutes from acceptance of delivery. Our liability on the product ceases after 30 minutes from delivery and acknowledgement of receipt realization from the product being accepted after inspection at delivery stage. MEAT AVENUE ensures that all products are fresh and optimum in quality, objectively to minimize any return, replacement and refund which we solicit prior to release from the store. Improper handling and storage at the consumer end contaminates the product, which is the liability of the consumer. All products must be refrigerated immediately on receipt until use.

Return, and Replacement are not applicable for the wrong cut or service desired. Eg. If a steak/slice of seafood is ordered, and the customer desires to have a fillet, this request is non-returnable and refundable. The cut order will be replaced with the original cut order. Similarly an order confirmed for mutton curry cut cannot be replaced or returned for a mutton biryani cut.

We regret to term these requests, returns, refunds as void for the current order.

Customers are requested to kindly confirm their requirements should there be a doubt by calling the store number and ascertaining their order and cut requirements especially for fresh seafood and fish orders.

To effect an return, replacement or an approved refund, the product must not be used and be in its packaging as released for delivery from the store. The return must be accompanied by the original receipt from the store for the product, subject to which the product will be accepted for return, replacement. If the product is tampered, handled MEAT AVENUE will exercise the right to refuse the return, arising from improper handling of the product which at time of return is inspected and considered as contaminated at the customer end post delivery.


All valid orders are processed only against payment confirmation in advance. The orders are processed fresh for every order and customer. The order processing is done within 30 minutes from the time of payment confirmation and chilled ready for dispatch.

We use third party services for delivery, and assure you delivery within 90 minutes from the receipt of your order including the processing and order processing time. We do not charge any delivery charges for the first 3 kms. Free delivery within 3 kms from store location. Beyond 3 kms we charge a nominal charge of Rs. 30 for every additional 3 kms or part thereof.

Customers are requested to google map MEAT AVENUE for the exact distance from there location where delivery is requested for, and add the corresponding delivery charges alongwith the order payment.

Eg : First 3 kms no charge. Beyond 3 kms from 4-6 kms add Rs. 30.00 extra for delivery, 7 to 10 kms add Rs. 60.00 extra for delivery.

Whilst it is our endeavor to serve you with quality products and services, these quality services are available at a cost so that we can serve you efficiently, proficiently better. To serve your requirements with commitment to quality and service we have a minimum ordering gate value of Rs. 899.00 per single order. Orders below Rs. 899.00 will entail a minimum service charge of Rs. 30.00 per order extra.


To protect your personal information, we take reasonable we take reasonable precautions and follow industry secured technologies and systems to ensure no information is lost, misused, accessed, divulged, altered or destroyed.

We engage secure servers and operating software to encrypt all the data you share with us to minimize the risk that the information you exchange with us is captured and protected. All your payment card details are also encrypted using SSL [ Secure Socket Layer ]. We do not store your payment card details.


We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, so please review it frequently. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately upon its posting on the website, so you are aware of what information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances, if any. If our store is acquired or merged with another business entity you information may/will be transferred to the new entity so that we may continue to service your requirements with our products and services.


We would listen to what you have to say. It helps us re-invent our business processes and serve you better. Whilst time is a factor to implement your contributions and suggestions we acknowledge your alignment to our business format, and appreciate to receive your valued contributions and suggestions.

All complains and grievances to our business and services is viewed with analytical positivity, since this feedback enables us to improve our products and services with a competitive edge to serve you better.

MEAT AVENUE does not engage and accept any grievances on pricing policies, and is not liable to reciprocate on pricing issues related to the product portfolio since it is strategic to service quality and product profile. We regret that we will not reciprocate in any manner to the price related queries and grievances, however our customer care may with no obligation reciprocate through a telesales call to address your concern.


The ‘USER’ that is ‘YOU’ agree to defend indemnify and hold no liability arising from MEAT AVENUE, its employees, directors, owners, officers, agents and their successors and assigns from and any and all claims and liabilities, damages, losses, costs, expenses, including attorneys fees occurring or caused arising out of claims based upon your actions or in-action, which may result in any loss or liability to MEAT AVENUE, its registered user brands, or any alliance or third party including but not limited to breach of any warranties, representations or undertakings or in relation to the non-fulfillment of any of your obligations under this USER AGREEMENT or arising out of your violation of any applicable laws, regulations including but not limited to the Intellectual Property Rights, payment of statutory liable duties and taxes, claim of libel, defamation, violation of rights of privacy or publicity loss of service by other subscribers and infringements of intellectual property or other rights. This indemnity survives the expiry or termination of this USER AGREEMENT.


MEAT AVENUE will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform or delay in performance of any of our obligations under a contract that is caused by events, occurrence outside our reasonable control. Force Majeure include any acts of god, natural calamities, strikes, lockouts, fire, explosion, earthquakes, floods, threat of terrorist attacks, failure of transportation, telecommunication, labour unrest, any situation that may arise which affects our performance, efficiencies, and threatens the business format and portfolio beyond our control notwithstanding without limitation. Our performance under the contract is deemed to be suspended in abeyance for the period that the FORCE MAJEURE CONDITION continues, and we will be at liberty to exercise sufficient time and tolerance for the duration of the force majeure period. Whilst it will be our endeavor to recover and reconcile to bring the FORCE MAJEURE to normalcy operating conditions, we will be under no obligation to perform during the continuance of the FORCE MAJEURE irrespectively.