Fish consumption patterns are continuing to change due to trends driven by more working women, changing house-hold structures with more single person households. Fish and Seafood consumption of lately has become less social and more individual due to the nutritional benefits of fish and seafood. UNDERWATER from its vast exposure of handling a wide variety of aquamarine species and products, is ideally poised to ensure that you get the freshest of catch and seafood directly sourced from the fishing trawlers. Whilst fishing is a season affected industry and business, we ensure that : “Nothing but the best, must reach the customer.”

Our seafood is of prime quality, and our prices differ according to the season of the year. Whilst during the off fishing season months from May to August at the western coast of India, the influx of frozen, thawed seafood is dispensed and sold in markets all over the country. We ensure that we do not compromise on the quality of the product and services, so source only fresh products from coasts far and wide as Vishakapatinam, Tuticorin, Ratnagiri and Jamnagar which are again seasonal fishing docks.

We specialise in value added seafood product lines, in addition to the regular fry-curry business. Our value added services offers you choices viz : fillets, steaks, fish fingers, croquettes, recheado-stuffed, marinated and breaded, ready to fry as well as freezer to fryer range of fish and seafood products. For the connoisseurs we carry a wide variety of frozen as well as imported canned products.